Manas Organics are a UK based company specialising in Aromatherapy Candles and all Natural Cosmetics for Wellness, Health and Mindfulness.


We believe in the importance of using natural products on our skin and in our homes whilst also taking care of the environment and our furry friends.

Manas Organics only use plant-based, natural ingredients and we are strongly against animal testing; this makes all our products 100% vegan and cruelty free. The packaging used is all either reusable or recyclable - we think it's important to help preserve our planet for future generations.

Each product is handcrafted in small batches using traditional artisan techniques which makes each one completely unique.


(n) mind; the internal organ of perception and cognition; the instrument through which objects of sense affect the soul.

" I'm Jo, the founder and creator of Manas Organics.

I first got the idea for the company just after my daughter was born in 2015. I had always been a big candle lover but found the brand I normally used was making my shiny new baby cough and splutter. After some research, I found they were full of potentially dangerous chemicals that I didn't want anywhere near my newborn, so as a compromise with myself, I started making my own.

I also started being a bit more mindful about the products used on my skin, especially with the struggle to find products not tested on animals. Being a massive animal lover and a vegetarian for 7 years, this was especially important to me.

A LOT of research and experimentation later, Manas Organics was born. "

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